+ Inbuilt Destruction Schedules
Why waste space by keeping documents you don't need? Smartsoft will tell you when to destroy them according to the Public Records Office (PRO) guidelines*.
+ Powerful Searches
Search on different criteria such as document date, description or sequential numbers. We guarantee you will be able to find your documents quickly and easily!
+ Customisable
Our software is flexible enough to accommodate your particular needs, making it easy to migrate from your existing system OR integrate it into ours.
+ Multi User
Our Corporate and Schools versions feature multi-user ability, allowing for different users to access record information from multiple locations.
+ Manage Onsite and Offsite
Running out of room onsite? No worries. Our software can manage both your onsite and offsite archives in one seamless interface. We can also provide you with a secure storage facility!
+ Describe Documents
Comprehensively describe the contents of each archive container, from general text description, alpha ranges and number ranges.
+ Borrow Documents
A massive problem facing most organizations is losing documents. Employees will take archives and then leave them under their desks, leading to a loss of information. Our software will track users who have borrowed archives, which means you will never lose your precious documents again!
+ Audit Logging
From login to logout, a users every move can be tracked with finite detail to ensure that a complete audit history is accessible.
+ Fine Grain Security
Security levels can be assigned on a user basis, limiting their access to certain documents, menu options and reports.
Smart Archive Software

Indexing Software

Say goodbye to the headaches of manually finding your important documents! With Smartsoft - our locally coded document indexing database software - all of your documents are just a few clicks away.


Smartsoft Compact is our entry level software product that primarily caters for SOHO and small businesses. It offers basic features that allow for quick and easy access to all of your documents, as well as some destruction tracking capabilities.

  • Basic Search Functionality
  • Document Access Tracking
  • Destruction Tracking


Smartsoft Corporate is our premium software product that offers enterprise grade features in an easy to use, intuitive package. More powerful search functions, automatic allocation, automatic destruction scheduling - Smartsoft Corporate has it all.

  • Power Search Functions
  • Multiple Data Entry Range Fields
  • Automatic Destruction Sentencing
  • Automatic Allocation & Archiving


Smartsoft Schools is our software indexing product specifically designed to meet the needs of schools. Powerful search functions, automatic allocation, and inbuilt destruction schedules makes Smartsoft Schools the only choice when it comes to educational archiving.

  • Inbuilt destruction schedules
  • Multiple Data Entry Range Fields
  • Automatic Allocation & Archiving
  • Power search functions - helps you find student files and more!
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